What is v-exchanger ?

Well since you are in this page It seems like you know about us! Whatever lets describe my self!

Payso.cc is a well known money exchange platform. But its not usual money exchange service like where you exchanging real notes in different currency. For that kind of service you can find easily. But payso.cc is a virtual money exchange platform. Well what does that mean is here you can exchange your virtual money. Its not necessery to exchange money here one currency to another currency. But here you also can use my service to exchange money's in different virtual wallets.


Imagine you have money in your touch and go wallet, But somewhere in a situation you need money your boost wallet, there is no way you can transfer your tng balance to your boost wallet. Here is virtual exchanger can help you.

How do we do that? simple you will transfer your tng balance in our wallet and we will transfer the balance to your boost wallet.

Also you can buy top up on your virtual wallets. for example you need to buy something online, that online shop accept paypal payment only, But you do not want to link your card in paypal for this single transation, here v-exchange  can help you. simply transfer the equivalent amount in our bank or any of virtual wallet and we will transfer the amount in your paypal. This is how you can top up your paypal account without credit cards. In some case you might not want to open a paypal account but you want to do the transaction, here also we can help you, we can pay for you from our paypal account to wherever you want.


You can find our supported wallet list in our homepage exchanger. select the way you want to pay in first box, select where you want to send/ go the money, give your wallet details and get our wallet details , send the payment accroding to indtructions and boom.. we will compleate your transaction in a while!

Anything you dont understand or you need help? your expected wallet is not listed ? Contact us via live chat, we are ready to help you.