Exchange Shopee Pay MYR to PAYPAL USD

Exchange rate: 4.80 MYR = 1 USD
Min. amount: 1 MYR
Max. amount: 10000 MYR

Reserve: 1000 USD
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Additional exchange rules from Shopee Pay MYR to PAYPAL USD:

Paypal will deduct a fee amount from your end. We cant ensure exact fee amount but mostly for malaysian account it will be 2 rm+4% of the received amount. We will send exact amount that you ordered and then paypal will deduct that amount.
for example if you order 1 USD we will send exact 1 USD and paypal will deduct 0.54 USD, finally you will receive 0 USD in your account.Please note that charge amount and final amount may slightly vary in different accounts.

Paypal Hold Issue

Paypal might hold the transection if your account is new,reported or any other reason, Find possible reason here and its completly receiver side issue
However we can help you to release fast or even instant, contact us in live chat or email and follow the instructions given