No its not necessery, But for some gateways might need to verify to avoid risk factors. Other than that we may ask for verification if we detect any unusual or suspicius activity.

You can find our payment methods in our Home Page under EXCHANGER, In send dropdown box whatever you see all of them is our supported payment gateway

We proceed all orders immidietly which means you will get delivery in 1-5 muinits. However Some case it may take upto 24 hours max. And for crypto it depends on blockchain, Once transection broadcast to blockchain we consider it as compleated.

No, All you need to pay the amount that shows in exchanger. However if  there is any charge from your wallet proiveder that charge will consider from your side.

If the wallet you looking for is not exist in exchanger that means so far we dont support it. However you can send a request for your opted wallet sevice in our email contact@v-exchanger.com or in our live chat. 

We cant do anything in this case if the money already sent. If you see order is not proceed yet contact us immediately.